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Updated March 23, 2019

Starting in 2010 Thrice Fiction Magazine published work from six continents. In that time well over 500 writers and artists have graced our pages. Many of these, we are proud to say, were being published for the first time anywhere. We always kept our eyes open for new voices and visions, while being honored to include established writers and artists in the mix.

Over those nine years we came to see that our magazine had a broader appeal than we guessed when this started. At one point we collected over 5000 individuals hitting our website for a single issue. And we were ecstatic to connect some new writers with agents who queried us for information (don’t worry, we gave the agent’s contact info to the writer, not vice versa, we weren’t born yesterday). True, being a free webzine helped. No doubt. But even for a new free internet-zine, that was a big number.

Gathering and producing this work three times a year seemed doable, but eventually took its toll. At the time we had regular jobs and family concerns. Thrice – a labor of love – had to be wedged into our schedules. Fielding well over 1200 submissions a year, herding artists, creating the layout, and all the unnamed things that have to happen with a journal was joyous but tough. Not to mention almost every expense was covered by a handful of donations and our own pockets. While it was still something we took pride in, it did become somewhat of a grind.

So we took a vacation and, between the Buffalo Trace and the Jägermeister, we came up with a new idea for Thrice that would accomplish two things we couldn’t do with the old format;

      1. Provide our contributors with some small honorarium, even if only a contributor’s copy.
      2. Get Thrice onto magazine racks.

We believe our new format and approach will accomplish this, and more.

It will mean the end of the free copy online. We’re out of the webzine business and going old school. That might seem counterintuitive, but we have our reasons. Fewer authors but with an emphasis on one “featured” writer who could take up 50+ pages of the magazine, combined with a small supporting roster of other writers. Fewer artists, but the same artwork that was the singular feature that made Thrice so different from the rest. We want to include articles on subjects important to writers. Not “how to’s,” but issues like cultural appropriation, copyrights, writer scams, and so forth. Poetry is also not out of the question.

So please keep this site bookmarked and check us out in late 2020.

We shall return.


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MANAGING EDITOR: RW SPRYSZAK has work which has appeared throughout the small press world since the 1980s. His novel, Edju was published by Spuyten Duyvil in 2018. More info at

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LEAD ARTIST & ART DIRECTOR: DAVID SIMMER II has contributed words and art to everything from comics, magazines, and books to packaging, catalogs, and technical manuals. When not working as a graphic designer in the Pacific Northwest and working on Thrice Fiction™ magazine, David enjoys traveling the globe, taking photos, and eating chocolate pudding. He can be found online at




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