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Thrice Fiction Submission Guidelines...

Updated March 31, 2021



Writers should present 1 to 3 pieces of their work that have not appeared in print or online anywhere at any time. Nothing over 3000 words, from flash to short stories to things yet unimagined. We prefer work in a fictive essence, but will look at everything. We are not averse to poetry but we are suspicious of formatting that puts more emphasis on appearance than on substance.

We are especially interested in things that are difficult to classify.

If you have been published in Thrice's decade of operation before we would ask you to hold off. In this category we are looking for new faces and names. New authors never published before are given the inside lane, but - in the end - we will only publish what we like. It's just don't care about your resume for these slots.



A note about copyright... All material published by THRICE Fiction remains the property of the writer or artist. We only ask for the right to publish said material in our online, digital, and printed editions. This includes archives of these editions both online and in printed annuals and specials.




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