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Thrice Fiction™ No. 18

Posted December 31, 2016

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Welcome to the eighteenth issue of Thrice Fiction magazine! Published three times a year, Thrice Fiction is filled with stories, art, and a few surprises from a variety of talented contributors. But the best part? It's absolutely FREE! That's right, you can download a free PDF or eBook at no charge, or purchase a beautiful full-color printed copy from MagCloud! Just follow the links below!

Thrice Fiction Magazine No. 17 Stories include...
The Tale of the Two Sisters by Lynn Mundell
I Keep My Mattress on the Floor by Vincent Chabany-Douarre
Cape Fear, Open road to the ferry Hurricane season by Lis Anna-Langston
Revisiting by Carol Smallwood
The Octopuses Swim, Barely Disguising their Obliviousness while we Rustle Newspapers Carelessly and Demand Another Coffee, Barely Disguising Ours by Samuel Rafael Barber
Bambi by Kiara A. Breedlove
Mother-Of-Pearl by Melinda Giordano
Old Water by Sharon Frame Gay
Looking for Bill by Diane Valentine
On Bus 15 by Helen Sinoradzki
Lydia Wakes by Tara Roeder
The Vase by Martin Keaveney
~ddogdogdogDĂ•Gdogdogdogg~ by John M. Bennett
Above Average by Ashley Marie Dantzler
Hole by Eric G. Wilson
The Square by Elisa R.V. GarcĂ­a
Salt and Pepper by Cate Camp
A Thousand Paces by Kawika Guillermo
You See a Skein of Ducks by Mason Hamberlin
The Mourning After by Alec Bryan
Jokes by Merran Jones
Three Grandfathers by Kathryn Kulpa
Washed Me Clean by Jay Merill
Vapor by Frank Diamond
Icarus by Charles Rafferty
If Not by Thomas Sanfilip
Fiesta by Sonya Gray Redi

Note: Thrice Fiction may contain some adult language and situations. Parental guidance is suggested for readers under 17 years of age.


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Our Dolphin

Posted December 3, 2016

THRICE PUBLISHING™ NFP is proud to announce the publication of the first book in our library of independent titles, Our Dolphin by Thrice Fiction contributor Joel Allegretti. Our Editor at Large, RW Spryszak, chatted with Joel as we were working on his book. Click here to read the interview. Our Dolphin is available now from Amazon and the CreateSpace eStore.

Our Dolphin Cover



Updated March 5, 2017

Thrice Publishing™ (the NFP company that publishes Thrice Fiction™ magazine) will be publishing up to two stand-alone titles a year. The query process will be open from May 1 to July 31 every year. Click here for details.



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