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Thrice Fiction™ No. 25

Posted April 30, 2019

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Welcome to the twenty-fifth issue of Thrice Fiction magazine! Published three times a year, Thrice Fiction is filled with stories, art, and a few surprises from a variety of talented contributors. But the best part? It's absolutely FREE! That's right, you can download a free PDF or eBook at no charge, or purchase a beautiful full-color printed copy from MagCloud! Just follow the links below!

Thrice Fiction Magazine No. 23 Stories include...
Nest Egg by Lara Longo
Convenience by Gregory Wolos
Vacationing Alone by Dan Tremaglio, Omphalophobia by Dan Tremaglio
Last Wednesday by Djanaina Salomon
Poorly Drawn Lines by Reza Farazmand
Away, Away by MaryAnne Kolton
Pot Noodles by Damon King
Move the Sky Dots by Mike Harkins
A Drifted Sorrowful Soul by Ali Azar
Bereavement by Scott Archer Jones
The Force by Jaqueline Masumian
The Pit by Peter J. Stavros
We Held Hands but I Didn’t Know Her Name by Paul Beckman
Larry, Said a Voice from Inside by Frank Candeloro
Halo from Other Side by Priyanka Nawathe
Red Hair by Philip Kane
Lightband by Rob McClure Smith
The Submarine Confession by Andrew Rai Berzins
Losing Face by Zeke Jarvis.

Note: Thrice Fiction may contain some adult language and situations. Parental guidance is suggested for readers under 17 years of age.


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The Heart Crossways

Posted June 24, 2018

Thrice Publishing™ NFP is proud to present the publication of the third book in our library of independent titles, The Heart Crossways by celebrated author James Claffey. Available now from Amazon.

James Claffey's brilliant and aptly named debut novel, The Heart Crossways, grabs hold of you from the start. All the despair and desires of this boy's life, of this family's struggles, and atmospheric Dublin, comes fully to life. Sentence after gorgeous sentence, one feels total immersion. Lyrical and lovely, this novel is poetry in motion.

—Deb Henry, author of The Whipping Club

Surrealists and Outsiders - 2018

Posted June 24, 2018

Thrice Publishing™ NFP is proud to present the publication of the first book in our surrealist anthology titles, I Wagered Deep On The Ruin of Six Rats to Dee Which Would Catch the First Fire. Available now from Amazon.

So What If It's True

Posted May 8, 2017

THRICE PUBLISHING™ NFP is proud to announce the publication of the second book in our library of independent titles, So What If It's True by Lorri Jackson. Available now from Amazon and the CreateSpace eStore.

So What If It's True Cover


Our Dolphin

Posted December 3, 2016

THRICE PUBLISHING™ NFP is proud to announce the publication of the first book in our library of independent titles, Our Dolphin by Thrice Fiction contributor Joel Allegretti. Our Editor at Large, RW Spryszak, chatted with Joel as we were working on his book. Click here to read the interview. Our Dolphin is available now from Amazon and the CreateSpace eStore.


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Posted April 10, 2016

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